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Deusi Songs

Deusi Songs by Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka
Male members sing what is called Deusi or Deusuray in Nepali. You can write just about any Deusi song as long as each line ends with the word `Deusi' or `Deosuray'. A group of males get together, carry what-ever musical instruments they have or can play, and sing Deusi door to door blessing the home and family in return for money and/or refreshments. Teenagers perform various Deosi songs to collect money for their picnic! Some may play Deusi to collect money to build a new trail in a far away village in Nepal! During the Tihar festival the only kind of songs you are most likely to hear from local Radio stations are nothing but Tihar Songs, Bhailo, Deusi and folk songs about sisters or brothers unable to see each other during the festival due to various reasons. A poor sister, now a daughter-in-law may not get even a day's break to visit her brother on this special day, and she might sing a song to make your tears flow!

A Sample of Deusi Song. Includes a similar meaning in English.
Bhana Mera Bhaiho Deusuray. (Say it my brothers, Say it. Deusuray).
Sormelai Kana Deusuray. (Say it louder and say it in tune. Deusuray).
Rato Batoo Deusuray. (Red mud trail. Deusuray).
Chiploa Batoo Desuray. (Slippery trail. Deusuray).
Laddai Paddai Deusuray. (Slipping and Sliding. Deusuray).
Akeya Hami Deusuray. (Finally we made it to your home! Deusuray).
.... .... Deusuray.
.... .... Deusuray.
.... .... Deusuray.
Yo Garma Laxmi Deusuray. (In this home Goddess Laxmi. Deusuray).
Sadthai Aun Deusuray. (Always come. Deusuray).
Hamilai Denus Deusuray. (Give us what you have money or meal).
Bidtha Garnus Deusuray. (Please give us now, say good bye to us, so we sing for next home!).

Mahapuja - The fourth day of the Tihar is also about worshiping yourself. This puja (worshiping) is known as Mahapuja. This is also the first day of the special annual calendar of an ethnic group known as Newar residing in Nepal. The coming of a new year is also celebrated in Tihar. Also a popular ritual of the day is the Govardhan puja or Goru Tihar (Oxen Worshiping). Oxen are worshiped on this day as they till lands and help grow crops to sustain life.

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Happy Tihar to you all!

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

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