Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15th- Pentaxium: World Pentax Day

August 15th- Pentaxium: World Pentax Day by Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka
Today was World Pentax Day, I did use Pentax camera NOT for the sake of the World Pentax Day but for the love of photography. In Nepal many of my friends always run after the big brand of camera rather than getting into the deep of photography. Many new wanna be photographers in Nepal, every time they browse web sites of famous photographers they first get into the equipment page to see what they use, they do not want to see how they work hard enough to be on that place today.

There is a silent war between the Nikon and the Canon camera user in my friends circle, but I am not into the war nor between the war. I enjoy shooting with what ever I have in my hand and I guess that the best camera in the world is that what you have in your hand. I have used Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Leica, Sony, Holga, Lomo, Minolta, Fujifilm, Samsung, Panasonic, Hasselblad, Kodak, Yashica, Zenith and some homemade cameras to name a few. There are many more brand of cameras that I have not used, if I only run after the brand camera I have no time for photography. So I suggest everyone mostly for the new and wanna be photographer to focus on photography not into camera. Always think positive and what ever you have in your hand is the best camera in the world.

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

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