Friday, December 31, 2010

What the f*ck?

What the f*ck?
Today, I was at a waiting room with a friend and flipping some old magazine that was on the room, and I just got my eyes on one of the photograph in one of the magazine in the article about the Tihar festival. And I told my friend that it looks like mine but it is cropped and to make sure that it is my photograph I took that photograph from the magazine. And later as I did check with my original photograph it was the match.

What can I say?


This is not the first time something happen with my photographs, few months back one of the web magazine used my photograph and as I was browsing their web site I found out about that but I was not sure that it was my photograph and I did comment on that page “it looks like my photograph” but for my surprise next day I receive email from editor of that web magazine as saying that they do not use anything without any permission and they respect copyright things with a attachment of the original photograph of size 362x300 dimensions as saying that this kind of normal photographs can be taken anywhere and it was not yours. I respect their view and did not reply them anymore, because I know something called PhotoShop. I am doing photography since I was 7 and digital photography from 2005, so I can say what is in photographs and what is not?

I am not saying that you cannot able to use my photographs but my point is that if you do than please do give name credit at least if you cannot able to pay than.

I think this kind of stuff happens to all the amateur photographers, so far as I know one of my friends also was in same situation sometime back, but I did not understand why this kind of stuff happens with a big media house? Or a big name in the game?

This kind of stuff did not discourage me, I am just making my point and hope you get in a right track or get ready to listen a word f*ck f*ck f*ck a loud.


This photo at my blog and in flickr.

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka